Spa facilities

During your stay, enjoy the unique spa facilities. Enjoy the tranquility, the peace and the amazing views. Enjoy Moodz.


Moodz Infra red sauna

Moodz infra-red sauna is an exceptional way to experience all sauna benefits, even though the air of the sauna stays unheated, which assures comfort for those who prefer a less hot environment.

The infra-red lights heat one´s muscles, skin and deep tissue and provide a great range of health benefits, such as stress relieve, lowering blood pressure, relieving muscle and joint pain, improved circulation, weight loss and a general state of well being.

​Enjoy the benefits of the Moodz infra-red sauna and soak up the exquisite views.

An absolute must for all.


Moodz meditation lounge

The Moodz Meditation Lounge is the perfect place to relax and meditate. Enjoy this peaceful place with exquisite views. Moodz lounge is the perfect place to relax after a treatment or the ideal place to seek some silence and peace during your stay.


Moodz jacuzzi

Moodz offers the ultimate relaxation: views, exotic trees and a great jacuzzi. Jets, warm water and a nice breeze, what else could you want?

After a nice swim or as a relaxed way to end your day, this jacuzzi will exceed your expectations.


Moodz ice bath

This ice bath provides the perfect cool down after one of Moodz sauna's. Even in Summer this cool down might be just what you are looking for.

The raw materials combined with the stunning views make this truelly a special experience.

Spa at Moodz